Dan Meyer — Introduction

The first week’s project in #edstartup is to introduce ourselves by way of a short video. Here’s mine.

The text:

My name is Dan Meyer. I’m a doctoral student at Stanford University in math education. It’s impossible to be at Stanford, in the belly of Silicon Valley, and not be curious about startup culture and startups generally. In math ed, a lot of them seem to be focused on cutting costs and finding inefficiencies rather than creating new sources of value. Those are interesting goals, certainly, but their end result so far seems to be putting video lectures online, which I think seems to fall short of the promise of technology so I’m real interested in ways of capturing that value and creating that value. So that’s my goal here, for this course. My initial efforts are at a website called 101questions, which aims to help math teachers find interesting, perplexing math problems. Looking forward to learning with you guys.