The Idea

A three- to four-sentence summary of your idea.

A student with a question in her head is a useful thing for math teachers. That’s a student we can teach, particularly if the question is mathematical. Words on paper can provoke those questions but other media — pictures and short videos — can do better. We need a website where we can find pictures and short videos that are proven to provoke questions that mathematics can answer.

What problem does your idea solve?

Two problems collide: 1) kids are, by and large, bored in math class. 2) the Common Core State Standards ask students to do more than apply formulas to problems on paper in a textbook. Math problems that build from digital media have the potential to engage students and challenge them, but they’re hard to find. We need a crowdsourcing of those media and a unique curation mechanism for determining, not “which one is funny or interesting or worth retweeting?” but “which one provokes a question?”

How does your idea fix the problem?

At 101questions, people upload a short video or an image. It goes onto the homepage where people either ask a question about it (if they have a question) or click “skip it” (if they don’t). We get a clear picture very quickly of the images and videos that provoke the most questions. Then users can upload or link to the tools, information, and resources that will help students answer their question — a complete, engaging, and challenging learning experience.

Why do you want to fix the problem?

I’ve seen firsthand the transformative effect of this kind of curriculum design. I see it in workshops and classrooms scattered around the world. It’s time to centralize that process and automate some of its pieces.